Gold price hits 3.5 month high

Interesting Moment: Data Trend of Gold Price (oz.)

The price for Gold hit a 3.5 month high on Monday, as concerns over US economic growth increased. Gold is considered a safe haven in times of economic uncertainty. Its price is affected by the strength of the US Dollar (negatively correlated). The main near-term driver for the Gold price is expected to be (weak) U.S. macro data and increasing portfolio allocation to Gold for…

Manufacturing in Africa on the Rise

Domestic as well as foreign manufacturing in many Sub-Saharan countries in Africa is on the rise. Recent examples of a growing economy are Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria. The share of manufacturing in GDP of sub-Saharan Africa has been steady at 10-14 percent in recent years. The industrial output in the world’s fastest-growing continent is now expanding at the same pace as the rest of t…

US Auto Sales Expected to Increase in 2014

The remarkably cold weather in January has left the US automobile industry with sales declines compared to January 2013. This also marks a first decline since September 2013. Nonetheless, automobile industry experts expect the overall sales for the year 2014 to total 16 million Dollars, compared to 15.6 million Dollars in 2013.

This Replay shows the yearly development of US automob…

India’s Economic Growth Lower Than Expected

India’s statistics ministry has revised its forecast of India’s 2013 GDP growth to 4.5 percent. This means that the economy grew 0.5 percent less than expected. The annual growth number is revised three times over the period of three years as more detailed data from across the economy are slowly received. The statistics ministry did not present the reason for the downgrade of its growt…

China’s Flash PMI Falls for the First Time in 6 Months

Interesting Moment: Data Spike of China

For the first time in six months, the flash Markit/HSBC Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) of China dropped below the 50 line, which separates expansion of activity from contraction. As new orders declined, China’s manufacturing activity contracted with a flash PMI of 49.6 in January.

This Replay shows the monthly development of the PMI of China in comparison to the PMI of the US from…

MAPI Business Outlook Shows Continued Improvement

Interesting Moment: Upward Trend of Manufacturers Sales from June 2010 to February 2011

The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) has just published a Business Outlook for the US manufacturing industries. The Composite Business Outlook Index is based on a weighted sum of the Prospective Shipments, Backlog Orders, Inventory, and Profit Margin Indexes. Most of these indexes indicate an incremental improvement from previous quarters’ figures with only a few…

Retail Sales from 2010 to 2013

According to the Commerce Department, US consumer spending has increased by more than expected at the end of 2013, as it has contributed to a 0.2 percent increase in retail sales and a 0.7 percent increase in retail sales excluding automobiles in December.

This Replay shows the development of monthly domestic retail sales from January 2010 until December 2013, as well as in particular t…

Global IT Spend from 2009 to 2014

The first Replay Analytic shows the IT spend worldwide from 2009 until 2014 (estimated). Note the upward trend in overall spending and the downward trend for Telecom Services.

The second Replay Analytic uses the software’s tool “Interesting Moments”.

Below is a link to the live Replay…

2007 – 2011 Has Unemployment Really Improved?

This Replay Analytic is taking NADA and US economic data from 2007 to 2011 following the recent recession comparing dealer new vehicle sales and percent total of long term unemployment.  What is most interesting is what other economic indicators would unemployment higher while sales of luxury items like new vehicles increased too during this time?

Below is a link to the live Replay…

2012 – 2013 changes in Manufacturing Payroll

This Replay Analytic is 2012 – 2013 data from non farm payroll statistics.

Notice the trending that occurs in August 2012 and then again in January 2013.

Below is a link to the live Replay Analytics:

Below is a link to the associated…

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