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Manufacturing in Africa on the Rise

Domestic as well as foreign manufacturing in many Sub-Saharan countries in Africa is on the rise. Recent examples of a growing economy are Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria. The share of manufacturing in GDP of sub-Saharan Africa has been steady at 10-14 percent in recent years. The industrial output in the world’s fastest-growing continent is now expanding at the same pace as the rest of the economy.

This Replay shows the yearly development of Sub-Saharan Africa’s (developing countries only) GNI per capita in current USD from 2003 to 2012. The dashboard on the left displays SSA’s GNI per capita in comparison to Nigeria (NGA), Kenya (KEN) and Ethiopia (ETH). The dashboard on the right shows SSA’s GNI per capita in comparison to East Asia & Pacific (developing countries only).


Below is a link to the live Replay Analytics:


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