Replay for Healthcare

Case: A hospital operates under limited resources and wants to identify bottlenecks.

A hospital has to cope with disparate databases and limited communication abilities. It wishes to determine bottlenecks in its operations in order to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, but is challenged by intransparent datasets. The management seeks a solution to get more visibility of underlying factors in context and enhance communication throughout the organization with a transparent method of visualizing data.

Solution: Replay Analytics® helps identify bottlenecks and facilitates the collaboration and communication throughout the organization.

Operating a healthcare organization is a delicate, complicated process that requires close attention and understanding of the myriad forces that affect patient outcomes and long-term fiscal health. Replay Analytics provides healthcare leaders with the tools to track the most important metrics. It visualizes data over time in animated charts. With the Interesting Moments feature, spikes and trends in the data can easily be detected. The user can drill down on an Interesting Moment to specific time periods.
With the comments and collaboration features of Replay Analytics, dashboards can easily be shared amongst colleagues. This ultimately facilitates collaborative work and communication throughout the entire organization.

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Real-time data, in context

Replay Analytics brings actionable, real-time data straight to organizational leaders—bypassing the traditional channels of IT and business analysts—so they have the right information, at the right time, to drive decision-making. Getting the right information means breaking down the silos between legacy data systems and looking at information in context, where it can tell the whole story. This requires dashboards that are as up to date as the data, without the hassle of overnight refreshes or custom reports from analysts. Replay Analytics delivers these features, enabling healthcare professionals to act swiftly and decisively to improve outcomes independent on IT or analysts.
Today’s organizational leaders expect and need access to real-time data. Real-time data feeds in Replay Analytics allow managers to see each part of the business operating in concert with real-time, contextual data.

Bringing together data from all over the organization

Replay Analytics can incorporate time-series data from a variety of sources — ERP systems, public data APIs, or inhouse solutions. In this case, the hospital brings together data for:

  • Inpatient Data
  • Nurse Staffing
  • Doctor Scheduling
  • Patient Bed Days
  • Outpatient Procedures
  • Electronic Health Records
  • SAP
  • Inventory

Instead of insights driven by the limitations of data capture and reporting systems, the metrics to be tracked can be selected individually. Replay Analytics allows watching the data develop in real-time, and drilling down to specific time periods as the situation demands. As the organization changes and new metrics or drivers start to matter more (or less), a flexible, intuitive user interface allows to change dashboards with ease—putting the user in control of the data, not the other way around.

Technology used:

  • Internal company data (varies by industry and company)
  • Replay Analytics Platform