Replay for Manufacturing

Case: A company wishes to analyze corporate performance metrics from disparate data sources together and to detect anomalies easily.

A company monitors daily, weekly and monthly performance indicators for fluctuations and anomalies. It wishes to determine details on anomalies in its figures as well as how different data interplay with each other. The company lacks an application to monitor those important metrics in one place and to get insight if something is off-track without running custom reports or spending lots of resources on a deep-dive.

Solution: Replay Analytics® brings together important metrics from different data sources in real time. The Interesting MomentsTM feature displays anomalies such as data trends and data spikes.

Replay Analytics can visualize a variety of datasets together. By bringing metrics together into one application, it provides insights of the data in context. The Interesting Moments feature displays anomalies, such as spikes and trends, in the data in an easy to understand way. It is able to determine these anomalies in multiple dimensions. Replay Analytics delivers insights in real-time with minimal fuss.

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Bringing data together, synchronized

The manufacturing environment is a prime opportunity to deploy the power of Replay Analytics. Often it’s not enough to see production performance or track quality metrics in isolation. To inform high quality, impact-driven decisions, business leaders need to see the whole field at once. Replay Analytics brings together disparate data sources from all parts of the plant (SAP, Informance, Oracle, InfinityQS, etc). As this information typically resides in many different systems, organizations often spend more time assembling, cleaning, and synthesizing datasets than they do analyzing them or discussing the best response and course of action. For example, when overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) drops below acceptable levels, there is typically a short list of reasons why—but the data behind those reasons is usually siloed in different applications. Each of those applications solves its individual issue well, but today’s business leaders need a unified source of information. Replay Analytics synthesizes and synchronizes production and quality data from sources like Informance and InfinityQS with ERP systems like SAP and Oracle. Together with intelligent data mining algorithms, which spot key trends and anomalies and take the user deeper inside the data, Replay Analytics facilitates data-driven and well-informed decision making.

Replay Comments

The power of context
Once datasets are brought together, the user can view data with the proper context. This helps identify the links between drivers and key business metrics, allowing the user to isolate root causes. In addition to this fundamental capability, Replay Analytics adds the power of collective intelligence. With social collaboration features, users can discuss and share insights, guiding the team to consensus around the best answer quickly and efficiently.

Technology used:

  • Epicor Informance EMI for Manufacturing
  • InfinityQS Enterprise Quality Management System
  • Attunity Data integration
  • Replay Analytics Platform