Replay for Supply Chain

Using Data Mashups

Case: A company wishes to determine how current weather conditions affect their supply chain.

A company’s supply chain is affected by weather conditions. The company wishes to link real-time weather data to its on-time delivery data. Instead of using static excel charts, the user wishes to create animated, real-time charts that provide clear visibility of the impact of current weather conditions.

Solution: Replay Analytics is able to link to a real-time database such as the publicly available weather data.

Replay Analytics brings data from many sources within the organization together with valuable external data feeds. Oftentimes, ERP and business intelligence systems take for granted some of the most important data that affect the business. Data mash ups with Replay Analytics bring together key internal metrics with critical external perspectives to help business leaders glean better insight from information.
Replay Analytics is able to link to publicly available data sources such as a weather database. This enables the user to see the effect of real-time weather data on its supply chain KPIs. By visualizing time-sequenced data over time, the user can track the weather data in the context of its operations.

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Mashup of internal and external data

Mashup of internal and external data

Replay Analytics and data mash ups unlock a huge number of sources to business leaders, freeing them to monitor weather, industry performance, social media, or any other critical performance drivers.
For many businesses, weather is a key driver of performance. In logistics and transportation, inclement weather can adversely affect delivery speed and on-time performance. In retail and hospitality, traffic and sales can be highly dependent on meteorological conditions. Many ERP systems overlook this data, leaving managers in want of key information that can explain changes in operational and sales performance. Replay Analytics pulls data from a variety of sources, including public data feeds, and synchronizes it in one step. Business leaders can thus choose the right information to monitor their business and investigate it in a simple interface.

Interesting Moments™ feature spots key outliers and trends

Oftentimes, key events and trends in data can go undetected. Given the number of key metrics and performance drivers needed to monitor business activity —multiplied by monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly views of the data — it can be difficult to spot every important change in the data. Interesting Moments is an intelligent data-mining algorithm, which highlights data spikes and trends according to sensitivity levels set by the user. For example, if on-time delivery rates fall below historical norms on a given day, the data replay will freeze in place, allowing the user to look for correlations with other key performance drivers, like precipitation or wind speed.

Interesting Moments™

Technology used:

  • Public weather data feeds (API-based)
  • Internal company data (varies by industry and company)
  • Replay Analytics Platform